Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello! Pretty Note Cards

It was great to see the staff at Elements Design feature our new note cards on their blog helloelements. I have a bit of an aversion to cats, so have been using the birdcage ones :) So pretty and that shade of yellow is quite delightful.

One of our other favorite stationary companies, Hello! Lucky is right here in SF. I went to visit them the other day in SOMA. The offices are almost as adorable as their note cards!

One of the many reasons they are so fabulous is their Julia Rothman collection. Love it!

A nice display of organization here. Very inspiring. I need to deal with my filing system which is currently involves some piling of paper in kitchen cabinets and a coat closet.

I had no idea letter presses were so big and complicated looking!

I think they said these were originals from the 60s, but I could be way off about that given the letter press high I was riding. So, please don't quote me.

They also have some really fun custom shelving, including this red siding and the shelving above, made by Because We Can!

Thanks for the tour, Shauna! It was so nice to see you again!

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Shauna said...

Thanks Christiana! It was nice to see you too!