Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Photography Studio, Newport Beach

Lauren Hillary just refurbished her photography studio in Newport Beach, CA, and sent us these lovely pictures of her finished space. I guess we shouldn't be too surprised by how gorgeous these pictures are considering her profession :)

I love the green and soft pink walls. And, the chandelier. And, the rug, the lamp, and yes, the wall stickers! The hydrangea and love birds add that little, unexpected touch to drawn even more focus to her beautiful photography displays. The space seems like it echoes the photographer's personality and mixes a warm and welcoming home vibe with a professional studio.

Thank you so very much, Lauren, for sharing your photography with us!


Gretchen said...

Where can we find the "Wall Art/Stickers?"

love them!


layersofmeaning said...

i was wondering if there is any way to track down where this cute hanger is from



Aimee said...

Hi Gretchen - You can find the wall stickers on www.fermlivingshop.us. Thanks so much for your interest!

The coat hook is called Dear Deer and designed by Jorine Oosterhoff. I found one on ebay by googling it. I'm not sure they sell them in the states, but hopefully you can find a European retailer to ship one to you. Thanks!

layersofmeaning said...