Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ICFF Highlights

First, design world celebrity sightings... Christiana worked with Goil Amarnvivat earlier when he used some of our wall stickers on an episode of Trading Spaces. He was very sweet - totally remembered her and said that he's going to use some of our wallpaper this coming season!

He also told us to check out the booth he'd designed for the country of Singapore. It was STUNNING. The walls were literally covered with live orchids. Christiana was also quick to appreciate his use of Bertoia chairs - she's trying to convince me to get them for my dining room table...

Then, we got to meet Grace of design*sponge - here she is talking to Trine. I'm a big fan of her blog, so it was fun to put a face to the writing. Grace has been very supportive of fermLIVING and we appreciate it very much!

We saw a bunch of HGTVers (including one of the twins that I loved from last season's Design Star), some well known designers, and this guy. He may not be a celebrity, but his hair was dyed leopard (is that a hair color?) and that makes him a rock star in our book.

Aside from celebrity sightings, there was also some truly fantastic design to admire. I lived in Spain for a semester in college and have been collecting Lladros to commemorate special occasions since then. Lladro has released this new collection where they are repurposing old designs, modernizing them by doing them in all white, and then adding the small flowers. This group depicts the phases of love - first love, love in bloom and mature love. The mature love figurine has the most flowers of any Lladro piece. They were absolutely gorgeous.

I live in a house with 3 boys (4 if you include our male dog) and my husband always jokes that we should get a urinal. At least I hope he's joking. My answer has always been a firm no, but after spotting these minimalist urinals at the show, I'm taking it under consideration.

All in all, it was a great experience. We also spent time at the stationery show which was a big treat for a stationery junkie like me. Night Owl Papergoods were one of our favorites as well as everyone at Mixed Co. The ladies of Hello! Lucky were a lot of fun - they've invited Christiana to tour their studio, so perhaps you'll see that in the blog sometime soon.

And, of course, I got to spend some time in my favorite city with one of my favorite people. Thanks for sleeping in the pullout bed and for giving me that cute dress, Christiana. It almost makes up for the cocktail party.

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Anonymous said...

You need to go to CP Lighting. They have a branch light that would go perfectly with the branches stickers. Someday.................
Liza Meacham