Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cool Things!

Teresa, in Hoboken, entered Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2008 contest. We think her choice of our Sparrow in Gold, makes her an obvious winner! Very cool apartment, Teresa!!!

And here are my favorite cool things from ICFF this year. Above is Newraven's glass tiles. So pretty! And, below are beautiful felt things. Aimee, do you remember the name of the women who made these? We're hoping to sell them (mostly because I desperately want some slippers for myself and don't know where to buy them...) when we launch our new shop this fall. Very cozy!!!

Here are Juki Flatfold Chairs by Aimee Less - origami inspired and so pretty!

I'd love to have one of these to take outside to my steps to sit on while I read the paper! If these are as comfortable as they look, maybe I'd make it beyond just the Style section...

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