Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shameless Plug

You'll notice that Christiana and I tend to stick pretty closely to all things ferm in our blog, but every now and then, we feel unrelated things bear mentioning. This is one of them. I planned a conference here in Minneapolis last year and had the opportunity to meet Eric Ryan, CEO and founder of method - one of my very favorite brands. Eric, for the record, was a great guy - I had to keep reminding myself that he was CEO of method, cause he seemed like that guy from college who was always playing the guitar on the green and wore shorts and flip flops even when it was 20 degrees out. Anyway, Eric told me about their advocates program, which I immediately joined, because a) I love me some method, and b) you get free stuff if you are chosen.

Just last week, I received their new book, Squeaky Green (available on Amazon). It's published by Chronicle Books and is very nicely designed and well written, though it does seem a bit like a really long ad masquerading as a book sometimes. That said, it does offer a lot of good tips for easy ways to keep clean without all the chemicals - and it has a great list of resources as well.

Today, this little gem arrived announcing their new line for babies and kids. As a mother of 2 who is constantly looking for affordable ways to bring more natural/organic type products into our home, I am all over this and will be purchasing it as soon as it comes out. I am always amazed by method's ability to elevate simple packaging to a piece of art. The baby soap lid doubles as a cup to rinse baby off with, and will certainly be a well used bath toy as well - so ingenious. The product smells delicious - the kid product has a seal on the bottom with scratch 'n sniff, which I usually am opposed to - anyone remember the popcorn scented scratch 'n sniff stickers? Yikes.

The wonderful bottles are currently bringing a new level of "design" to my 1941 peach tiled bathroom. Apparently that was all the rage in the '40s, cause I've seem many variations on this color scheme in friends' bathrooms.

Oh, and one last thing - the product literature encourages you to "clean like a mother." The copywriter deserves a raise for that one.
Thanks, method!


UNIFORM Studio said...

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks and wanted to say how much I love your wallpaper! I am an architect in Minneapolis and didn't realize that you are from here as well. Do you have a local rep?

Christiana said...

Thank you, Martha! I've just been checking out your Uniform Studio journal and am floored. Your work is stunning, and the ideas you share are so inspiring. I'm dying to see what you put for sale on Etsy!

Oh, and nope, we don't have a local rep. Just Aimee :)

UNIFORM Studio said...

Thank you:)
So if I wanted to spec some wallpaper for an architecture project, who would I contact?

Christiana said...

Hi Martha - Please just call (415.399.1559) or email ( me about the wallpaper for your project. Thanks!