Friday, April 25, 2008

Ferm Soup

They say that we're all only separated by 7 degrees - so the way we figure it, Christiana and I are now THIS CLOSE to Joel McHale of our favorite E show, The Soup. How, you ask? Well...Tyra and Rock of Love II are constantly earning airtime on the Soup, and in just the past few weeks, ferm LIVING has been featured on both!

Watch this clip from Tyra as the lovely Kelly Edwards demonstrates how to create a killer coffee table using our Feather wallpaper. Don't worry, Tyra keeps it under control - no screaming "PANTY PARTY!!" or telling people to kiss her fat you know what in this clip.

And earlier, Kingflower could be seen on Rock of Love II. In a shocking season finale, Brett chose smart, classy(ish) Ambre over sexy but not so bright Daisy. I just wish they'd brought Kristi Joe back.

All this media exposure has Christiana and I feeling a bit like reality stars! Now we just need to figure out how to get ferm LIVING on The Hills - LC, you need some wallpaper, girlfriend?

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Martin Kristensen said...

This show looks amazing. Hopefully they'll send the show to Denmark soon...