Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Sky Kitchen

Much to my dismay, my dear friend Jenny moved to Montana almost two years ago now. Luckily, we keep in good touch. And even more lucky for me, she sometimes sends me pictures like these. She's been fixing up her cute house and used the family tree design in petrol to spruce up her kitchen. Looks so warm and cozy! Unlike me, she a terrific cook, so now I'll be picturing her whipping up a storm in style.

Here's the before. Nice work, Jenny!

Jenny has amazing vision, as you can tell from the before and after shots of her living room. The before, I have to be honest, is freaking me out...

And the after is a beautiful breath of fresh, Rocky Mountain air. What's even more breathtaking is that she did almost all of the rehab work by herself.

And here's her sweet puppy, Ruby! Although I did my very best to talk her out of it, maybe living in Montana's not looking so bad after all. Except that is does look a little cold... Thanks, Jenny! Stay warm up there!

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