Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thinking Outside the Frame

ferm LIVING's Wall Stickers were just featured in Silicon Valley's the WAVE, along with High-Rise jeans and vitamin-infused Lotus Vodka. You can read the full article here. We really enjoyed the write-up and agree that people should lose their bland walls in favor of "casual art" wall decals. We're all for it! We haven't tried the healthy vodka yet, but are definitely behind the concept. High-rise jeans, on the other hand, we'll forever struggle with...

Because the last time I can remember actually being quoted in print was in the Aspen Daily News circa 1999 when my roommate's boyfriend accidentally burned our apartment down (I believe I said something like, "I hope he now more fully understands why halogen lamps aren't meant to be used as towel racks"), I thought I'd draw a little attention to my quote: "Ferm means 'clever' in Danish, and we think our wall stickers are just that, a unique and interesting way to add personality and atmosphere to any room." I stand by it! Same goes for my halogen lamp quote, in case there are any doubters. Thank you for the great write-up, Jo!

One of my new favorites, the Love Birds design, was also pictured in the article. Coincidentally, a sample of it just arrived from Denmark, which I couldn't wait to "test out" in my entry way. I think it gives a lovely first impression of my apartment. Our first shipment of the new wall stickers designs will arrive in November!

And, in more fun Bay Area news, we just got another shout out in Apartment Therapy: San Francisco. Thanks AT and Not Martha!

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