Monday, August 20, 2007

Feathered Decadence

We were so excited to have our Feather wallpaper featured in the Washington Post's Sunday Source yesterday! Along with plumed headbands, bracelets and dresses, adding feathered wallpaper to your life is the thing to do in the District (and everywhere else!) this fall.

I recently added some feathers into my wardrobe as well. Running out of walls to paper, I was inspired by Grace at design*sponge to use some spare wallpaper to bring a little flutter into my closet.


William said...

I really like the closet door idea. I am hoping to do the same at my apartment. Little additions like that, as well as wall stickers etc., really transform and add much-needed style to stale, white-walled living spaces. So, thankfully there's Ferm Living--thanks!

The Right Color said...

Now, this is creativity at it's best! said...

Keep up the great work!