Thursday, December 8, 2011

Get a Jump on It

I try to avoid things that seem too trendy (unless they are animal print related...or birds. Wait, or stripes, or anything Moroccan. Oh, or faux furry or vampirey). [Side note: Notice I didn't say wallpaper because it is a proven CLASSIC!] But, how can I not get on board with Pantone's color for 2012, Tango Tangerine? Especially when it is right at my ferm finger tips. Let's start things off with a triangle of tangerine on one of my favorite pillows!
How about we butter up some toast on this orange buttering board? Sound good? So technically, you're right, it is more of a fiesta orange than a tango tangerine. But, no biggie, it is still bright, energetic, feeling positive, feeling employable, and will make your 2012 extra toasty!
Light it up, 2012!
Just a spot of tea? Just a spot of tangerine. So now, orange you glad it is almost the weekend? JOKE. But, really, aren't you so glad it is almost the weekend? Me too!

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