Monday, November 7, 2011

Belle Tower

I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sunshine yesterday. I spent mine bundled up in bed (my heater isn't working, so that was my excuse) with my new Belle mag (and then catching up on Boardwalk Empire - yes!). Why are the Australian's so dead on with design? Don't you just love that marbled textile thing that is happening in their Right Now trend section?

Another Right Now design item? What do you know, it is our Tower of Rings! Also did you know they make the Le Corbursier chair in outdoor fabric now? Me neither. Something to keep in mind for when I have 1) more money and 2) and outdoor seating area... In the meantime, I'll be considering whether to get those pretty napkin rings :)

Circus inspired decor is here! Which is good, because I like stripes. I also like the looks of that Circus book.

Oh yeah, velo bicyle pillow anyone? You know, I never really put the velo bicycle together with the circus. I guess I never get past thinking about how quickly I would injure myself if I tried to ride one to connect it to clowns. I actually have the tea towel because I love the graphic, so it is good to know I'm right on circus trend. Phew!

Also, can someone please photograph a beautiful picture of the sky for me, blow it up real big, frame it, and send it on over? Thank you!!

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