Monday, October 10, 2011


One way I like to spend my time "working" is by heading over to to look for pretty wallpaper images. When my work is really focused, I search specifically for Ferm Living pins. I know, I'm a diligent employee. Here's what I've bumped in to recently. LOVE the Rush Hour in this boy's room. The pillows are equally clever. Great styling!

The Dotty wallpaper here is equally adorable. I like how the crib was wallpapered as well. Such a thoughtful detail!

This is also ridiculously cute. The Scandinavian child's version of Out of Africa, or something? I just watched that again recently which is why I said that, just so you know.

Hello mushrooms!

Squares wallpaper combined with Fashion wallpaper packs quite the graphic punch. Enjoying the open closet situation. I'd consider doing that too if my clothes were prettier... All images via Pinterest. I'm sure there's some protocol for citing these better that I'm not following, so sorry. I repinned them all on my board so you can get more detail there though!

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