Thursday, September 15, 2011


So this is post is going to be an update on Holly's Decorate Book tour... Get it? In a nutshell, the book is a must purchase situation, and Holly's as fabulous as you'd expect! It was such a treat to finally meet her in person. Here she is at the Anthropologie book tour in SF chatting about mood boards. Sitting there I wondered why have I never made a mood board? Laziness? Most likely. I'm almost motivated to give it a whirl though. Seems like a good way to avoid serious decor missteps...

Halfway through Holly's mood board demo something clever caught my eye. Can you see it?

Give up? It's our Studio 3. What a coincidence! Except, well, not really... I mean who wouldn't want one of those on their mood board after all. This one was featured in a German decor mag from what I can tell.

Here's the guest of honor signing books.

After I got my book signed, I realized that the only people I knew there were still in line. I started to feel beyond awkward just standing there waiting so decided to take a spin around the store which is when I bumped into my future boots. The short, clog ones. Aren't they superb? Oh, that's right, you can't tell because I have not mastered taking iPhone photos.

I didn't get the boots then. But... I just got this adorable "birthday card" from Anthropologie (very thoughtful of them, no?) which has me thinking that what's in the stars for me are those boots.

Something else that is in the stars for me, is this coffee table. It is being delivered today! Interestingly enough, the story behind this purchase was one of fate. In that, I found it on One King's Lane killing time while my coffee was brewing and managed to snag it before some other less lucky shopper! Honestly though, I'd been looking for a large glass/acrylic (reasonably priced) coffee table for weeks to no avail and then this perfect piece popped up! Yeah, definitely written in the stars...

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mamichan said...

oh i so wanted to go to her event at anthro in st louis park last night! but i had to work. i'm glad you got to go in SF and posted this.