Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Things

We were so happy to see our new cutting boards in Elle Decor UK last month. I'm quite smitten with them and just got a couple from my kitchen in the hopes it will motivate me to cook (or at least chop). Chop bloody mary garnish, a the very least. By the way, what is a better way to spend an afternoon than with European shelter magazines and a cocktail?

Okay, maybe riding a bike is? Something else that is making me happy is riding my new bicycle around the city. It is such a pretty green, no? And, yes, I chose the color based on whether it would work with my leopard helmet. It is leaning against what is about to become a wallpapered accent wall. More on that later... I also installed that birdie chandelier and was delighted/dumbfounded that all the bulbs worked. Although I know there's a scientific explanation, it felt like a miracle.


Lis said...

Hi Christina!

I saw the post with the mirrored tiles on the fireplace. Are those ferm? Love the idea. We have some very terrible tiles on our fireplace!

Also, what's your opinion on wallpapering stair risers?

Christiana said...

Oh cool, thanks Lis! I love wallpapered stair risers and they are pretty easy to do - double stick tape works if you don't want to commit to it permanently :) Let me know if you have other questions about them...