Monday, October 18, 2010

Book Giveaway!!!

Want to win a copy of Meg Mateo Ilasco's new book, Crafting a Meaningful Home? We thought you did! Just follow us on twitter (@fermlivingshop) or like us on facebook between now and the book launch party at on Thursday at 7, and we'll pick one lucky follower/fan at random to receive a free copy of Meg's new book.

If you don't end up winning the book from us though, you can still get a free copy with any purchase of $60 or more at Rare Device during the launch party. I have already have my eyes on this:

To feel even better about your purchase at the party, 10% of sales will be donated to Architecture for Humanity. It's a can't lose situation. Hope to see you Thursday!


Ashley said...

Really loving the hooded scarf. I think it needs to find it's way to my wish list :)

Amy said...

That hooded scarf would be perfect here in MN. I hate regular hats that squish my head and hair! I knew I should have picked up that book when I saw it at Crafty Planet.


The scarf is very nice, and the rug.