Thursday, September 23, 2010


We just put up Gravity in a most gorgeous home in Piedmont last week. It went up in the children's bathroom. Very lucky kids, if you as me! It was quite a challenge - lots of curves and cut-ins - so we were delighted with how it turned out. Wallpapering really isn't that hard, I swear, just got to stretch, take some deep breaths, and hug the seams. Hugging the seams - that is where it is at.

The first strip is always the toughest. The key it to make sure you get it hanging straight. Definitely use a level. I hear you are supposed to use a plumb line, but that is crazy complicated, and a level works just fine. Not the iphone level app though, just FYI. Plus your phone can get sticky from the paste and it can sort of spiral down from there :)

We reached the cut-in section for the bathtub after lunch. Good timing, as cut-ins require nourishment. Like coffee, potato chips, Gardettos, etc. Good music helps too!

Working the wall.
Navigating the ceiling.

And done! I wish you could see it in person. Small rooms with all four walls papered are really just so fun! Next apartment I live in I am going to roll with a full room of wallpaper. Or two...


mamichan said...

gorgeous! makes me want to wallpaper my bathroom too.

Aimee said...

Thank you! :) said...

Looks great. I would probably also paint the ceiling in this bright blue colour.
We've wallpapered our office in the double trouble wallpaper from the same designer. Was a bit of an adventure as it is a bould wallpaper but it looks great!

Christiana said...

We'd love to see pictures of the double trouble if you ever get the chance to email them -!