Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday's Recap: Valley Fair Field Trip Friday

Since it may or may not be one of my last few weeks in Minneapolis for a while, I decided to spend Fridays enjoying some midwestern living. Or at least that's the plan until I get too busy with working and packing... First up, Valley Fair with Aimee and her family! A half hour out of the city and we were basically stepping back into the late 1980's, early 1990s. I kept having flashbacks to my last time I was actually at an amusement park - Magic Mountain in Southern California with my high school friends including none other than Aimee, of course. The same music played the whole time. Same food, same smells, same laughs. People were mostly wearing shorts and tees so the fashion was seriously hard to distinguish from 20 years ago. And, I'm sure Aimee and I looked just as youthful. Wait...

Early on in the day, Manny and I decided it would be a good idea to give this water ride a go.

It was not.

Not at all. I was anticipating a sprinkling of water, not water being slammed directly into my eye balls while being spun around in mid air. Interestingly, I think I'd probably do it again.

Because Manny and I didn't want to suffer alone in our soaked-ness, we convinced the boys and Aimee to take a spin on the water log ride.

MJ and Jackson LOVED it! Aimee's experience was a little different.

Then there was food on sticks! A must do.

Aimee and Manny on Wild Thing. You make everything...queasy.

We all hoped for a different outcome at the soccer booth. It ended with one of us in tears briefly. Manny thinks there was something wrong with the balls though, so it's cool.

Don't worry, these guys are singing Nirvana right here. Jolt back to the year 2010. They most certainly would not have gotten away with this in the 90s.

Grand finale of the day - Steel Venom. Or Blue Steele, or Steel Magnolias, or names that involve words I shouldn't repeat in this forum. Needless to say, Aimee and I frequently entertain ourselves by coming up with names for things that already have perfectly adequate names to see if we can make them, well, dumb.

I know this doesn't have much to do with wallpaper or design. But, I realized that I haven't laughed that much in one day in a very, very long time. And sometimes that's more important. More important than wallpaper? I know, can you imagine... Thanks Lagos family!

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Aimee said...

Yay! Let's make it a yearly event. Except for the corn dogs... Good times!