Monday, July 26, 2010

Insomnia Inspiration

I couldn't sleep last night, so decided to read a little NYmag on my lap top. Good timing, because just as I was reading about whether James Franco is for real (a very interesting question to which I think the answer is no), I received a comment on this post that pointed me to the gorgeous website of photographer Lisa Romerein! So, in case you didn't get enough eye candy last night from, for example, the Mad Men premiere, here is some visual amazement. Above: I want to have a French Martini there, either booth will do. Below: Oh my, yes please on the floor, the chairs, the everything.

Love the placement of the two mirrors, and how about that stool?

That lantern, where to start? I want one. The high ceilings, sure, I want those too.

Simple and beautiful.
I want that blanket. I also want to be able to pay rent, so I'm out of luck for now :)

I'll take him and his kitchen sink, please.

Now THAT is how you do a red accent wall. Or you could do it with wallpaper too, of course!

And now to bring it around full circle...

Quite Mad Men, yes?


Emily Henderson from The Brass Petal said...

Hi. Um had no idea you guys had a blog. i'm psyched. Thanks for commenting the other day. To answer your question, no we didn't have any books/magazines/phones etc, but we had to order our fresh direct that day for that challenge so i googled 'modern rustic italian kitchen' and eventually found that pic. tear sheets are the best way to talk about design, otherwise Court was so skeptical.
And p.s. i love your products. So happy to have a new blog to follow, lord knows i can't get enough.

Christiana said...

Hi Emily - Thanks for answering my question. Yes, inspirational tear sheets seem so key to me - very difficult without. Glad you convinced him to go for modern Italian...

So glad you like our products, since we love your aesthetic! BEST OF LUCK with the rest of the show (although I guess it is already over, but you know what I'm saying...)!