Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lobby Fail

On my way back from California last week, I unexpectedly ended up spending the night in an airport hotel near Chicago, Midway. When I first arrived there late at night I was struck by the sadness of the lobby. I blew it off thinking maybe I was just tired. The morning was no better. First. That neon sign above those readily lockable doors scares me. I would not go back there (unless the drinks were free, of course, and then I'd think about it...).

The exposed nails in the wall were a clear cry for help.

Rocks in glass. Now, they do show an effort had been made at some point. But they are sad.

That caution sign had been there all night. Not sure why. No signs of mopping. A pop of color though wouldn't hurt in here. Just not one that is quite so cautionary... not a very welcoming vibe for a lobby.

I love a day with nothing planned so you can see where it takes you. But if you're a lobby, I'm thinking you should play a little hard to get. Fake some plans till you make some plans, you know.

Even the flowers have given up. But, I won't give up on you lobby. Here's what you need: WALLPAPER!

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Anonymous said...

this post made me lol, I love the shot of the defeated flowers. And those rocks! Somebody was trying so hard, but not hard enough.