Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is (almost) in the Air

Spring seems to be just around the corner here in Minneapolis. It's a bit confusing as to when it will actually arrive. For example, today the sun is out but I stepped outside with wet hair and it pretty much froze. Anyway, I have a balcony at my new apartment, and to prepare for spring (as a law of nature, it must come at some point, yes?), I checked out the above wicker rockers from Ikea yesterday. Two thumbs up! Granted, they probably do look even better against a gorgeous seascape. But I think they'll work equally fab looking out over a little doggie park.
I think I'm going to go for a shorter hair style such as Shannon's here. Has anyone seen her on the last couple episodes of How To Make It In America? Her hair is looking so hipster and cute on that show. The only problem being, I think one has to be equally hipster and cute to pull off such a do.

I keep hearing that summer in Minnesota is going to rock. So, I'll withhold any judgment about whether the above statement is true till I've experienced it first stand. In any case, I want that tee regardless.

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