Friday, January 8, 2010

Bean Counting

I spent my last days in SF eating tasty food, drinking strong coffee and meeting my friend's new babies. First up was the most killer breakfast sandwich at Jimmy Beans in the East Bay. What combo is better than English muffin, egg, cheese and bacon? Seriously? I can't think.

Next up. Blue Bottle at the Ferry Building. Oh, I shall miss you!

But, my favorite bean? William, my friend CL's new baby! So tiny and even more adorable!

We wallpapered this framed print for William a few months ago! Pretty cute, I think!


Aggie said...

That picture frame is adorable! And I saw this about ferm Living on about wallpaper:


Looks like a lovely weekend. That wallpaper is adorable. Happy belated new year to you1

CL said...

the Bean and I are thinking of you and wishing you well in your new town!