Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Delta Distractions

I'm flying from New Mexico to San Francisco today and guess what I won't be doing. Reading. I'm having a difficult time getting into my latest book. Its about two princes that were killed in the Tower of London and is touted as a fascinating murder mystery. But it is turning out you have to dig through a lot of complicated historical background to get to the more captivating part which requires more focus than I can muster in an airplane. Anyway. Here's what I'm going to do instead... Figure out where I can put wallpaper in my new apartment.

The cubby area, don't you think? But which pattern? Bold color or something more nuetral? And then, they'll be a DIY divider in the bedroom. Anywhere else? The walk in closet? That might be extra good so I can hide it from my landlord in case it turns out wallpaper isn't his thing ;)
I will also be playing A LOT of this on my iphone! Be warned, it is very addictive. I'm determined to beat Aimee in the real life version. She's annoyingly good, so I have to practice, practice, practice. Even her boys could probably beat me at this point, to be honest. Why is it so hard to find all those little words?

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