Friday, August 7, 2009

Inspiration for a Move

Except for that this room (from on Emma's Designblogg) doesn't have wallpaper, I love EVERYTHING about it. Every single thing in the room seems so deliberate, and I can only imagine is beloved by the owner.

This is my extremely circuitous way of introducing some new blog posts I'll be doing over the next few months. I'm moving. And, yes, I'm quite sad to leave my lovely apartment on Telegraph Hill. Focusing on the positive side of things though, I can't wait to put a new little apartment together. I've learned so much about design (and myself...) since starting ferm LIVING shop with Aimee almost two and a half years ago(!), and I'm looking forward to creating a new home that more strongly reflects my aesthetic (and myself, I guess). There will, of course, be wallpaper! So, I'll plan to post all about the move, including my attempts at simplifying/downsizing/craigslisting, my interior inspirations like the above, some new DIYs I have in the works, and of course, choosing just the right wallpaper. Back to the picture: Two things I LOVE. 1) the striped
Kahler vase; and 2) the rockin' needlepoint foot stool!

When I was in Paris, I actually tried to stop by what I thought was the shop that makes the most amazing things out of needlepoint such as the footstool above. Unfortunately, they, like me, work from home, so er, here's the door to their house. Next time, call first. Lesson learned.
How ridiculously cool are these?
And this. Aimee doesn't necessarily agree with this assessment, which is why I waited till my second week in Paris (when she safely was back home with her family) to make the trek to the 11th Arrondissement to what I thought was their shop. You're welcome, Aimee.

Okay, so maybe I also knew she'd make me guilty if I bought anything because were both on budgets. She's much better than me at sticking to one. Ergo, in part, my need to downsize ;) I still do believe though that I might have been able to at least squeeze a serving tray into the budget. Next time!


Aimee said...

On to bigger (okay, maybe not bigger) and better things! I can't wait to see how it all comes together in the new place and in the meantime, am so happy you'll be out here for a while in between.

behaving nicely said...

I'll just ask what everyone MUST be thinking: Are you going to have to take down all that fab wallpaper when you move? You should tell your landlord he/she could probably rent it for more if they kept it! I am imagining the craigslisting right now...

Christiana said...

Hi! - No, thankfully! My landlord is super cool and wants to leave it up! Not sure if wallpaper is always considered a "value added" type upgrade? I think it is! :)