Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Blues

My cute friend, Cheng-Ling, stopped by last week to wallpaper a couple things with me. She wanted to spruce up a lap tray so she can feel even more inspired to write now that her school is starting up again.

We just cut the Turquoise ribbed wallpaper to fit the tray on both sides allowing for a little trim to hang over and used adhesive spray to attach. We took this project outside just in case the fumes were toxic and were harmful her baby (she's in her second trimester now!) or us, I suppose... We then trimmed the edges and sprayed with a protective spray. Very simple and what a pretty difference!

We also made this reversible photo matte. The blue rush hour pattern for the little boy and the forest flower for her (or in case the ultrasound is proven wrong).

Just cut the wallpaper to fit, attach with double stick tape and cut out the space for the photo with an exacto.

I love having friends over. Especially friends who express enthusiasm for the world of wallpaper. Oh, and when they bring Kara's cupcakes, that's an even bigger bonus. Thanks, CL!

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