Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Tiny Field Trip

Just wanted to share a few of the things that ferm LIVING is sharing with Modern Cabana at Sunset's celebration weekend. I went down to Sunset on Thursday to help put some ferm things in their "tiny house." It was the perfect excuse to get out of the office and do one of my favorite things - wallpaper flat surfaces. Above is me putting up the coat tree wall sticker. A perfect alternative for those how like the idea of a coat tree, but live in a small space!

Could it have been a little straighter? Ummm, yes.

So fun!
Here, we wallpapered some shoe boxes in wilderness to add more fun into the storage closet. We just used spray advesive - super easy!

Again, we used spray adhesive to apply the wallpaper to the metal filing cabinet. Super quick and easy, and a really nice way to add a natural element to the tiny room!

Here's Sunset stylist extraordinairre, Miranda, arranging the items on the desk so the top shelves look as beautiful as the filing cabinet we wallpapered. Or something like that :)

Lacking business cards for the business card holder, I immediately offered up a few of mine. This is a technique employed by Coca-Cola - subliminal advertising. If people see the name enough times, they'll eventually want it, right??? I'll keep you posted...

They also let me write on a chalkboard candle which was actually much more difficult that the wallpaper projects. It took me three tries to get it looking legible. Mrs. Clifton, my fourth grade teacher was correct, I was not blessed with nice handwriting technique and, yes, that is something I should have worked on.

Be sure to stop by Sunset this weekend and check it out! Thank you so much, Sunset, for inviting us to help out!


jen jafarzadeh said...

i love the wallpapered file cabinet and shoe boxes! how did you deal with the boxes at the corners? did you do fancy folding or a cut a piece for each side?

Christiana said...

Thanks! Yep, I just sort of folded them like I would do if I was wrapping a present. The wilderness design is pretty forgiving :)