Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Night Owls

Liam and Luz live in Noe Valley, and they know how to rock it out! Their parents are really good friends of mine going back to our law school days, and I've been lucky enough to be invited to lots of their bbqs and get togethers over the years (which always include lovely wine and cheese! sometimes in excess if there is such a thing...not that I'm complaining!). Lately, Liam and Luz have been willing to share all the dance moves they've been learning at school with us, and can I just say they've got RHYTHM!

Liam and Luz also have great taste in home decor and don't seem to be adverse to sharing - two exceptional qualities in a person! They split a set of Owl wall sticker and seem to be very happy with the outcome. Above, Luz went with the big Owl.

And Liam, rolled with the two little ones...

Nothing like an owl to watch over you (or your stuffed animals) while you sleep!

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