Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three's a Charm

Yesterday, my friend Michael and I spent approximately 3 hours putting up about 3 rolls of one of my favorite patterns, Ribbed in Beige/Black. (We did the wallpaper liner last week) This went up in a client's bedroom, and I think it creates a very calming mood. She's going to swap out the bedding with this very simple, light lavender grey which will be so pretty!

I only asked Michael to try not to screw it up three times. It's my little joke which I'm sure gets on his nerves and might not actually be very funny except to me. Because he's a total perfectionist, he usually takes over when things require any amount of precision like wallpapering around this beam.

Ahhh, all done! I really do love this pattern. It works well in so many different spaces. Oh, and it's particularly easy to match up the seams on this one too :)


Aimee said...

Love it! Can Michael come to my house and do the wallpapering around all the crazy molding on my doors and windows?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a bit of a wallpaper novice. But I love this pattern and am thinking of ordering it. Is it self-adhesive? Is there a guide to putting up wallpaper that you recommend? Is the liner necessary?

Aimee said...

Hi - It is not adhesive, but it is easy to hang. Just apply the paste directly on to the wall with a paint roller. We created a how to video here: http://fermlivingshop.us/how-to-wallpaper-video.html which walks you through the process. A liner is only necessary if your wall is very bumpy. Please email us at info@fermlivingshop.us if you have more questions. Thank you!