Thursday, February 26, 2009


ferm LIVING kid's new line-up for spring includes these super cute birdie pillows in small, medium and large. They'll be here in May! I can't wait to get one for my new nephew, Elias. This will be one of my first small steps in becoming his favorite aunt. I'm also in the process of making him a mobile out of wallpaper scraps. So far, it hasn't really come together as planned.

Luckily, if my DIY mobile plan fails, I'll have this adorable new mobile from ferm as backup!


Anonymous said...

I love those birdie pillows... do you know how big the largest one is? I found a place where I can order one - bur I can't see the size. Have a lovely day!

Aimee said...

Hi - We don't have the dimensions yet, but will post them on our website when we have all the info. Thanks so much for your interest!