Monday, December 8, 2008

A Second Story Oasis

Anna Dorfman at Door16 just redid her upstairs bathroom to create one of the most calm, clean and beautiful bathrooms I've ever seen. That she added a little ferm living Bindweed wallpaper might make me biased, but I don't know... I think the gorgeousness of her new bathroom can't be disputed.

Anna is a book cover designer living with her husband Evan and dogs, Bruno and Fritz, in an 1890’s Victorian rowhouse in the City of Newburgh, NY. Since buying their house in March 2006 they've been swimming in repairs and renovations and dirt and plaster and paint and bricks. If this bathroom is any indication, their efforts are well worth it!

The before.

The even more before.

The key ingredient :)

The heavenly after...

I LOVE the flooring. And nothing beats a claw foot tub. Ahhh...

Wow, Anna! Thank you so much for all the inspiration. We hope you're enjoying your new bathroom!


Anna at D16 said...

It looks gorgeous, Christiana (yes, I'm biased too!), and I enjoy it every day. The wallpaper really was the crowning touch -- everyone who sees the bathroom immediately comments on how much they like it.

To be fair, though, I must say they the "before" picture in this post was taken about a YEAR into the renovation! The true "before" looked more like this:

Christiana said...

OUCH! That true before is horrifying. I'm even more impressed. And I was super impressed before :) I just added that picture to the post... Thanks!!!