Monday, November 24, 2008

Introducing Henry and Hazel!

Meet Henry (Kasey's son from the Montana Wilderness post below)!  His room is almost (but not quite) as cute as he is!  I love the bedding, pillows and, of course, the water world  wall sticker.  Such fun color, shapes and textures are sure to inspire!

Henry's ADORABLE little sister, Hazel, also has some inspiring wall stickers in her room.  I love how Kasey arranged the butterflies for her near her crib.  Soon (if not already... genius genes run in her family) she'll be able to start counting butterflies!

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Newburgh Restoriation said...

Oh I LOVE those 2 names together! Whenever anybody will refer to the 2 of them, the names will just roll of their tongues.