Monday, October 13, 2008


Anna, at Door Sixteen, just posted about her lovely new kitchen pantry. My favorite item? The shelves she made using leftover bindweed wallpaper from her bathroom remodel.

She put the wallpaper on the sides and the underside for an unexpected touch of pattern and then attached cork boarding to the top for functionality.

I'm a bit envious (no wait, jealous? Which is the one where you don't begrudge the other person? You just wish you had what they have but with no ill will?) of Anna's kitchen pantry situation, in that 1) she actually has a pantry, 2) her pantry it is stocked with food and cleaning supplies both of which I'm running extraordinarily low on, 3) she has figured out to perfectly incorporate wallpaper in her pantry, 4) she keeps everything so organized, and 5) what a gorgeous door knob!

Thanks so much, Anna - we can't wait to see your bathroom!

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