Thursday, October 9, 2008

Double Takes

Rachel at Eden & Eden has been switching around her shop to display all her lovely new things for fall. She'd had the hydrangea wall sticker up for quite a while and decided to use it as a stencil to create this sketchy (in a good way) design.

I'm really loving it! I'm also loving that all her things are now available online. Not that this will stop me from visiting her shop in person pretty much daily... I should mention also that she's across from Pickles, the nearest stop for fountain soda.

Rachel noted the Aha/Take on Me vibe of her stencil work, and I have to say, it's dead on. It also gave me a great excuse to watch this eighties classic video which I probably have not watched since the 80s. All that sketching, and the mirrors and the hand holding... Awesome.

Another reason I love stopping by Eden & Eden is that I never know who I'll bump into. I was lucky enough to run into my (and Aimee's) friend Lani and her adorable baby boy Owen. He's showing off his new skill here - sitting up!

I'm also giddy excited about all the new Tatty Divine. I'm working on figuring out a reason why I deserve a new necklace. Is it still considered patriotic to shop?

I also just bumped into ferm LIVING at Bloomingdales. I was hoping to bump into something fabulous that fit perfectly, didn't require ironing and was within the $50 dollar limit of my gift card. It didn't come close to happening. But I was consoled to be surrounded by wallpaper!

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