Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Simply Pattern is Here!

We just received some copies of Viction:ary's Simply Pattern, featuring a select number of world-renowned pattern designers, including ferm LIVING! They are available for sale now here!

Above and below are some great shots from another of our favorites, Ivana Helsinki! I actually have that dress above. It just fits a bit differently on me though due most likely to the fact that I intake at least twice as many calories.

Ahhh, beautiful!

We were excited to see more of our favorites featured in the book as well, like Julia Rothman,

Jessie Whipple,

Hannah Werning,

and Lena Corwin! It was a true thrill to see ferm LIVING featured among such great company and in such an inspiring book!


julia said...

i want my copy! how did you get one so fast!

Christiana said...

I have no idea. Want us to send you one?? (in exchange for a CITY magazine :) By the way, are those tanks available anywhere?