Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Mexico Pine

I was just at home for the 4th, and between eating my grandma's homemade ice cream, watching Wimbledon, swimming at the neighborhood pool, sipping Gruet (New Mexico's finest export!), napping, and eating more ice cream, I managed to find time to help my parents put up their very first wall sticker in my old bedroom.

Here was the before. We decided to move my brother's art work (sorry, Jonathan!) and put the pine tree wall sticker on the side wall near the window to play up the pines outside.

Here's my dad making sure we placed it straight.

My mom's planning to update the bedspread to something more plain and simple. Good luck getting dad on board with our plan, Mom! My parents gradually turned my bedroom into a guest room over the years. Hopefully the wall sticker will remind them whose room it really is :) Thank you Mom and Dad for the relaxing weekend at home!

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