Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Black & White (& Gold)

After going to see Mamma Mia last night, it was a relief to come home to the new California Home & Design Magazine and see something simple, something that makes sense, something that silently sings, something black and white!

I was so happy to read CH&D's great little article on the simplicity of black and white which included ferm LIVING's little leaves pattern! Thank you for sending it over, Mikhael!

I recently put up the Little Leaves on my bathroom ceiling and have been loving it! This picture is not so great of the ceiling. I did a few crafty wallpaper things for a magazine article that's coming out next month which I'm super excited about, so I'll wait till then to share the full joy that a wallpapered ceiling brings :) For now, I would love draw attention to the awesomeness that is finding your ultimate umbrella stand. Other than ferm wallpaper, this umbrella stand is my most favorite addition to my apartment. I got it here, and highly, highly recommend it!

Such an umbrella stand deserves a smooth operator of an umbrella (right?), so I've been stashing this gold bengal umbrella in it. Not that I've been obsessing about it.

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