Sunday, June 8, 2008

Work it Out

I've pretty much always have a hard time motivating to go to the gym. Until now. Here's one gym I can finally get excited about: The Craft Gym in San Francisco. I was just there yesterday to meet Lotta Jansdotter and and learn how to make patterns out of anything!

Lotta is just so talented! No doubt this has something to do with her Scandinavian roots. I've been a craft manic the past couple weeks myself working on some wallpaper projects for Sunset Magazine. I've concluded that if something's flat, it's worth considering whether to put wallpaper on it. Wallpaper can truly enliven just about any flat surface. Although, I'm thinking now that I probably should have hit the craft gym a bit more before taking on the projects. My techniques could use some fine tuning. Luckily wallpaper is pretty forgiving.

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