Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Real Simple!

Just picked up July's Real Simple at Stacey's Books on Market Street! And then I stopped by Anthropologie where I lost a minor argument with the manager. But I won't get in to that, because it turns out it is possible that I might possibly have been wrong :)

So the big question pretty much boils down to this: Can ugly bathrooms become pretty?

And the answer is... Yes! With the help of ferm LIVING, of course! One caveat - an unspectacular sink probably can't become 100% spectacular. But, if you dress the walls behind it beautifully, the focal point shifts to your fabulous walls which is a very good thing!

I always like the this month's questions feature in Real Simple. My favorite answer this month was the women who answered "live in the moment" for all three. Agreed. Next month is your biggest mistake? Don't get me started...

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