Thursday, May 22, 2008

All That Glitters

While I was in NYC, I spent a lot of time just strolling around. I can never figure out where to look because there's always so much going on. Plenty of times, though, I caught myself looking up at the sparkling tops of my favorite buildings!

The intricate and glittering building tops certainly draw a lot of well deserved attention.

I think the same theory must apply to the inside of buildings too, right? That's what I told my friends Jack and Josh who are considering the Wilderness in Gold for their fantastic loft space in (near?) the Meat Packing District. Why not draw a little more attention to the walls with something that glitters? Plus, I think everyone agreed, it is time to lose the chartreuse...

I'm hoping they decide to wallpaper all the way down their long hall too. I think it would look amazing! You hearing me, Jack??

Thank you so very much for letting me stay at your place! And, we can't thank you enough for the stunning dresses (or apologize enough for the tragic loss of the top...). Hope to see you soon!

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