Monday, February 25, 2008

Seeing Red!

Rachel and Ryan threw a little Oscar party last night which included two very special guests, baby Calum and baby Olivia. Lucky for us, they also Tivo'd the show, and because the babies needed to go to bed early, we were able to condense the Oscar highlights into a 2 hour event (instead of 5...) which still included watching Gary Busey's red carpet appearance three times. Awesome.

Olivia and Calum were not that impressed with what they were seeing on the red carpet this year.

Before the show, I helped Calum's dad put up some wall stickers in his nursery. Calum couldn't wait to go to sleep in a field of red flowers and playful butterflies and dragonflies.

Thanks so much for having us over!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful decoration.....

smilemakers said...

I like it very much!