Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Green Tea for Two

One of my dearest friends is obsessed with the color green. So, when I stopped by yesterday, I wasn't all that surprised to find myself sipping green tea on her green couch while trying to figure out how her crafty mom knit her a green sweater with this amazing green collar. What did surprise me was the Love Birds Wall Sticker she and her husband had happily placed over their living room window. Too charming! Please thank your mom for the wonderful dinner and (hopefully not too complicated) knitting instructions, CL!

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Samantha said...

oh I love the papers and have blooged about them before. What ana amazing company you have. I just noticed the blog too!!! Please check out maquette when you have a chance.

I will also send you pics of my new diy home projects. I move into a new apt. tomorrow!!!