Friday, October 26, 2007


Rare Device opened its bright blue doors yesterday on Market Street in San Francisco, and the most appropriate way to describe such an occasion is to simply say (yell), "JUBI!" It's our understanding that "jubi" can be used to substitute for "yay" in Denmark. Except that being Danish, it is much more sophisticated and chic, and it evokes infinitely more joy and excitement than a mere "yay."

My friend Lidia went with me to the opening party. What a great turn out! It was almost too crowded to shop. But... we managed.

I was so excited to see ferm LIVING's wallpaper in the space that I completely lost my will to budget and
bought this funky matt & nat bag. Luckily, Lidia helped me justify my celebratory purchase (that's what good friends are for, right?) so I can carry around my jem of a vegan bag with very little shopper's guilt.

Aimee and I really admire Rare Device SF's owners, Rena Tom and Lisa Congdon (above), for their taste in great design, so we really do feel jubilant that they chose to paper a wall with Family Tree and feature ferm LIVING in their store.

An extra and unexpected bonus was seeing this crafty mobile created by Lisa from paper scraps including ferm's Family Tree, as well as some swatches of a custom Red Sky WallCollection wallpaper designed by of Julia Rothman (consider this a very, very sneak preview - WallCollection launches soon!)! Read more about Rena, Lisa and Rare Device SF at poppytalk and

Stop in to check out their fantastic selection of unique cards, books, jewelry, wallpaper (of course...) and other rare finds. The space also doubles as a gallery showcasing work from local artists. You might find yourself somewhere between parched and completely overwhelmed after browsing through their impeccable collection (and inevitably buying something you didn't even know you needed - trust me), which is why you can count yourself lucky that Rare Device happens to be located across from the
Orbit Room where you can gather your thoughts while sipping down the city's best bloody mary. See you there!

Note to Trine: If "jubi" doesn't actually mean something similar to "yay" but better, please don't tell us. Aimee and I like saying it too much and would hate to have to drop it from our vocabulary.

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