Monday, August 27, 2007

Branching Out

Linda, at SundryBuzz, decided to go "balls-out" and put her Black Branches above her living room fireplace. We love the impact of the black on red - wow! She wrote about her experience (read the full review here) and concluded that "the results are awesome . . . My living room is officially 89% less boring." We're so pleased that she likes her branches because we tend to agree with her (un)solicited advise - e.g. don't get us started on the net benefits of lululemon groovy pants... Thank you, Linda!

Cheng-Ling and Andy also branched out by adding the Gold Branches to their master bedroom. When she sent us this picture, Cheng-Ling told us that she loves how they "fill the room with a calm, dreamlike quality." She also thinks they compliment her bedding without being "too matchy." We agree, and thank you so much for sharing your bedroom branches with us. Sweet dreams!

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Cheng-Ling said...

We have been looking for the perfect artwork for our bedroom walls, something that would give the room a unique feel without making it too busy. We found just the right thing with the ferm Branches!