Thursday, July 19, 2007

ferm LIVING for Kids

With all the chic and modern nursery and kids’ furniture and decor currently available, our wall stickers and wallpapers add the perfect finishing touch. We think that in particular, the Water World or the Birds wall stickers are a fanciful accent for an older child’s room. The Branches or Pine wall stickers would add a natural yet sophisticated feel to a nursery. And the Sparrow wall sticker is the perfect choice for a little girl’s room – feminine and elegant.

Popular baby e-newsletter Urban Baby Daily agreed and featured us in their Urban Baby Daily Everywhere on Thursday, July 19. Thank you for the great write up!

Upon his request, I recently put the Water World stickers up in my older son's room. First, we cut the small stickers apart and taped them on the wall for placement.

And in around 15 minutes the project was complete!

They add a whimsical and bold accent that nicely complements his surfing-inspired decor.
Now my younger son wants one as well. But which sticker goes best with a Lightning McQueen bed?


Christiana said...

70s Style. In Gold. I think Dan would agree.

tom said...

Love the seahorses!

sleepy jellyfish said...

This is so cute! I love it!! I am gonna put a post about your product on my little blog.

sleepy jellyfish said...

These are so cute! I LOVE it!
I've put a post about your products on my little blog.